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Project Management Conference 2009: Certainty x Risk

2009-01-26 — The Project Management Conference 2009 will be held on 25–26th March 2009 in Zlin, Czech republic. The topic of the conference is Certainty vs. Risk.

ISO 21500: New International Project Management Standard In Preparation

2008-12-11 — A new project management standard – ISO 21500 is being prepared by representatives of 30 countries and major PM organisations IPMA and PMI.

Report on International Young Project Managers Meeting - Project Friendly 2008

2008-09-14 — Report on the first international meeting of young project managers which has taken place in Brno (Czech republic) during days 09/11 – 09/14 2008.

Olympic Games in Beijing Ended, London prepares for 2012

2008-08-24 — The Summer olympic games in Beijing have ended today, while the games in London 2012 are already being prepared. Let's have a closer look at what does it take to organise such an event.

OpenProj as a free alternative to MS Project

2008-05-25 — Application OpenProj is a free, open source desktop alternative to Microsoft Project. It is a useful software tool to manage even more complex projects and track tasks and project timeline.

IT Projects: expert group established

2007-12-08 — To continually improve the way how IT projects are managed is a mission statement of a Czech expert group that has been established recently.

IT Projects: formation of an expert group

2007-08-23 — In cooperation with a Czech IPMA organisation (SPŘ) I coordinate a formation of an expert group focused on IT projects and IT support of project management.

Recommend a company for ISO and HACCP implementation

2007-08-13 — Please recommend a consulting company for ISO 9000 and HACCP implementation for our consideration in on-coming selection procedure.

Website Launch

2007-07-07 — The website Mira-Vlach.com was launched on 7th July 2007, together with its Czech version Mira-Vlach.cz. The topics covered will be project management, IT and marketing in the Czech Republic.

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