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Eva Šviráková: Being a project manager already at university

2009-05-03 — An interview with Eva Šviráková about the Communication Agency, a university subject where students manage real projects and thus get experience.

One Strategic Project Per Year

2009-02-12 — One year is the optimal length for long-term planning and recapitulation. Even distant targets consist of many stages. Therefore it is better to divide your vision into sub-projects with a duration of one year.

Education in Project Management

2008-12-14 — Project management requires a good deal of particular skills, which are good to acquire in advance. To prepare for managing more demanding projects there are several basic forms of education to choose from.

Impartial Quality Review

2008-09-10 — Unbiased review is one of the easiest and fastest ways of revealing insufficiency and giving opportunities to improve in your activities.

Survey Results on ICT Support of Project Management

2008-08-08 — Information about ICT support of project management and other findings about project management within an organization are the results of a survey carried out among the members of IPMA in the Czech Republic.

Press Releases

2008-07-02 — A press release can deliver free publicity and can be of help to inform the public. If it is published at an opportune moment, is well written and distributed according to customs, the press release does not harass journalists. On the contrary, it helps them do their job.

Survey Results on Projects of Individuals

2008-06-15 — Individual's willingness and self-confidence to manage a project is influenced by several factors. It is determined mostly by the previous managing experience, knowledge of the project subject and personal preference, followed by knowledge of the project management theory. This statement is one of the results of my recent project management survey.

Project Management for Ordinary People

2008-05-04 — Although project management could be very useful for anyone, there is only little effort to revise the theory for common people. There are several possibilities how the theory could be simplified and offered for easy non-professional use.

Options of Promotion and Advertising

2008-02-19 — This article brings the overview of the most common means of promoting your products. After reading this, you should be able to reevaluate your promotion and broaden it by means of promotion or advertising you have not used so far.

Legal Software

2008-01-18 — Tips and recommendations how to legalise software used by companies or individuals. With the use of Open Source, OEM licenses and other tips, using software legally does not have to be expensive. The article draws from the Czech environment, but can serve worldwide at least as an rough guide.
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