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One Strategic Project Per Year

2009-02-12 — One year is the optimal length for long-term planning and recapitulation. Even distant targets consist of many stages. Therefore it is better to divide your vision into sub-projects with a duration of one year.

Impartial Quality Review

2008-09-10 — Unbiased review is one of the easiest and fastest ways of revealing insufficiency and giving opportunities to improve in your activities.

Legal Software

2008-01-18 — Tips and recommendations how to legalise software used by companies or individuals. With the use of Open Source, OEM licenses and other tips, using software legally does not have to be expensive. The article draws from the Czech environment, but can serve worldwide at least as an rough guide.

Vision and Mission Statement

2007-12-09 — Concise vision and mission statement ensures that a leader will stick to the core business and helps to share this vision with others. The bigger the organisation, the more important it is to clearly define this piece of guiding information.

How to Manage Advertising

2007-10-31 — Learn 10 easy steps how to manage your advertising systematically according to your real business needs. This will bring better results and clear control of your advertising budget.

Increasing Complexity

2007-07-26 — Increasing complexity can become a serious problem if it gets so complicated, that it actually restrains you from any meaningful action. Such a situation is usually predictable and can be resolved much more easily beforehand.

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