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Survey Results on ICT Support of Project Management

by Mira Vlach on August 08, 2008:

Summary: Information about ICT support of project management and other findings about project management within an organization are the results of a survey carried out among the members of IPMA in the Czech Republic.

Reasonable application of the ICT support for project management is nowadays a standard in the field and it is possible to say that often it is even necessary. Intensive use of supportive software is common mainly in more demanding projects and in companies that require this style of work. There are also simple tools that can save labour in smaller projects as well.

About the survey

An internal online survey was carried out among the Czech members of IPMA during April and May 2008. The objective of the survey was to monitor, via a questionnaire, the way by which these members use ICT for project management activities. More than thirty members of IPMA responded to this questionnaire.

As one of the key authors of the survey I was allowed to present these results on this web in English as well. The realization of this questionnaire was sponsored by an expert group called ICT Projects, which is part of the Czech IPMA organization (SPŘ).

Respondents involved

Types of respondents
Number of employees in the organizations

Common findings about project management

The components of the questionnaire were not only questions focused on ICT support of project management. It is possible to find out many other interesting things from the results e.g. the organizational environment, project management methodologies, project managers' certification, the use of project management etc.

Project management application
Share of employees involved in delivering the project
Ways of communication in a project team
International vs. non-international projects
Certification of project managers
Distribution and use of PM certification
Use of project management methodology
Project management methodologies
Project controlling

ICT support of project management

The core of the questionnaire lay in finding out how computers and other telecommunication facilities are used for project management support within the organization. However, during the survey not only the support of project management itself was monitored, but also e.g. pre-project activities, ideas collection etc.

ICT technologies used for communication during project
Use of project management software
Distribution and use of project management software
Who uses the PM software
Functions of the PM software in use
Implementation of the PM software
Integration of the PM software into IT System
Satisfaction with the project management software
Reporting of the completed work


Although the sample of the respondents was relatively small and specific (only Czech members of IPMA who were willing to take part) it brought, in my opinion, very interesting results. Those interested in this matter can address me for further details. It would be also very interesting to carry out similar surveys in other countries as well and accomplish an international comparison.

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